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Michael Bates is a computer expert from Washington. Johnny is an software engineer. At the moment he works as a system administrator. Articles on topics range from home networks to wireless networks to Internet security, software and others.

The Advantages, History And Introduction To Programming


Before you move on to learning will start with an introduction to java programming, figure out what kind of a programming language. A bit of history. The Java language developed by Sun Microsystems, the Creator of which was James Gosling and released in 1995 as core component of Sun Microsystems Java platform (Java 1.0 [J2SE]). […]

Technology .NET Framework and Mono


.NET Framework — a software platform, mobile binary environment released by Microsoft in 2002 and enables to run the compiled applications on any hardware platform in the Windows environment. The platform is performing (binary) environment Common Language Runtime (CLR), capable to perform both conventional programs and web server applications. NET Framework supports the creation of […]

Intercepted .NET: the Theory and practice of call interception .NET-functions


…I found a bug. The first call to the database was off by timeout, but the next was normal. It turned out that the Indians were in the typical method of 75000 rows, and the dB connection was off for a while, while there was jit compilation of the method… In my opinion, the method […]

Datatypes in C# and .NET


DataTypes are the basic building block of any language. Microsoft has tried to standardise the datatypes in .NET framework by introducing a limited, fixed set of types that can be used to represent almost anything in programming world. C++ was very rich in datatypes, but that leads to confusion too. Especially, when you write components […]

Database, tables, records and fields


This chapter explains what is database, tables, records and fields. What is a Database ? A database is a collection of all data required for an application. Each database application will have only one database. What is a Table ? – Tables are part of database. – A database is composed of several tables. – […]