Database, tables, records and fields

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This chapter explains what is database, tables, records and fields.

What is a Database ?

A database is a collection of all data required for an application. Each database application will have only one database.

What is a Table ?

– Tables are part of database.

– A database is composed of several tables.

– You need to create separate tables to store different type of data. For examples, if you have a School Management Software, you may need to create the following tables:

  • Students – to store list of all students
  • Teachers – to store list of all students
  • Attendance – to track the attendance of all students
  • MarkList – to store the mark list of all students

What is a Record?

A record represents one entry in a Table. A table can have any number of records.

If you have a “Students” table to store the student information, a record in the table represent a student. To add a student, you will add a record to the “Students” table. To delete a student from the software, you will delete a record from this table.

What is a Field ?

A field is a column in the table. A record is a collection of fields. All records in the same table will have the same set of fields.

If you have the “Students” table, you may have the following fields:

Name – to store the name of the student

Address – to store the address

DateofBirth – to store the date of birth of the student

RegistrationDate – to store the date on which the student registered.


If you add a field to the Table, it is applicable to all records in the same table. In the above example, all records in the “Students” table will have the same 4 fields.


A database a collection of Tables

A Table is a collection of Records.

All records in the same table will have the same fields.

In most cases, an application will have one database which has several tables.

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